How can I eliminate/penalize my comptetitor's videos on YouTube?

Simple, YouTube was penalizing 100% of the videos to which we were sending views, so we decided to use that service to attack videos from the competence instead of using it to send visualizations. Sending views is currently not available world-wide, not just on out store.

To utilize the service, you simple buy one of our YouTube views packs. We send the views from the same IP very quickly, This will cause YouTube to penalize the video in very short time. The greater the amount of views, the faster the video will be removed. and the channel penalized. For videos with many views, we recommend buying many packs of YouTube views.

Para la compra, simplemente deberá facilitar la URL del vídeo, no publicaremos NINGUNO de sus datos, nuestros ficheros son 100% anónimos y somos muy estrictos con el cumplimiento de esto.

Take a look at out toxic view packs:

5000 Toxic Views
  • Eliminate video with few views
  • Less than 5 days
  • Toxic Views
  • Secure Paypal payment
  • Video elimination guarantee
20000 Toxic Views
  • Eliminate video with many views
  • Less than 12 days
  • Toxic Views
  • Secure Paypal payments
  • Video elimination guarantee
50000 Toxic Views
  • Eliminate almost any video
  • Less than 18 days
  • Toxic Views
  • Secure Paypal payment
  • Vide elimination guarantee

Can I have legal problems for doing this?

We are very strict complying to our policies. We will never disclose the name of any of our clients, or any other data. You can be 100% sure that nobody will ever know that you hired our services.

Why us?

We are the only service provider that offers this service.

It is important to know that some videos cannot be eliminated. For example, very famous artists are usually not affected. This service is meant to be used on videos with medium-hight popularity, but sometimes it can be less than 100% effective, and we are not responsible for that.

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