What are Backlinks, and how do they help my site?

It is a well known fact that Google values social acts that users do on websites. With that, Google estimates that the site is liked by users, and it places it on the first position. Buying BackLinks will allow you to better position your web, and increase your google ranking so that it will show up in the first positions.

In CompraSocialMedia.com we have developed a 100% social backlinking system so that you can possition your site with thousands of links from different social networks, and NOT from websites like it used to be, and which google currently penalizes.

Take a look at our BackLinks Packs and find the one that suits your needs:

SEO Starter - 1550 Back Links
  • 1550 links to your site
  • Twitter backlinks: 1000
  • Google+ backlinks: 100
  • Facebook Shares: 100
  • Facebook Likes: 350
  • Delivery time: 21 days
Profesional SEO, 4950 Back Links
  • 4950 links to your site
  • Twitter backlinks: 3500
  • Google+ backlinks: 300
  • Facebook Shares: 400
  • Facebook Like: 750
  • Delivery time: 60 days

We count with an algorithm for natural capturing that potentiates and promotes your site before millios of users in social networks, generating backlinks and links to your site. This is why we can claim 100% effectiveness.

Why us?

Our service warranties 100% effectiveness. This means that if we don't meet your objective, you get your money back; no questions asked, no hassle. Delivery time varies according to the number of backlinks, but we usually start providing the service within 24 hours from the time the payment is delivered.

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